"All was well." ~ "But there are much worse games to play"


Wiress and Beetee

She saw him everyday at school.  His heavy-framed glasses and his lovely eyes behind them always seemed to draw Wiress’s own eyes towards him.  Many of her friends wondered endlessly what she saw in him, but Wiress couldn’t understand why no-one else was drooling over him.  “He’s smart, handsome and a gentleman.  How could you not like him?”  Wiress would explain every time.  Like today, for example.  Wiress and her friends were settling down in District 3’s sunlight when Beetee walked past.  Immediately, Wiress started flipping her hair in his direction.  Wiress’s friends began giggling, and one of the more confident suddenly called out, in a singsong voice, “Oh Beetee!  Come over here!”  Wiress turned beetroot red, “Libby, what are you doing?”  Libby grinned and waved Beetee over.  “Oh hey, Libby.  Hello, Wiress.”  He smiled warmly at the blushing girl.  “Oh, Wiress.  I wanted to talk to you.  In private.”  He gestured to the collection of trees across the field.  Wiress quickly scrambled to her feet, and followed after Beetee.  When they reached the trees, Beetee smiled again.  “Wiress, I think I’m in love.”  Wiress’s shoulders sagged.  He couldn’t be in love with her, so who was it?  Libby?  Another friend?  “That’s great, Beetee.  Who is it?  Is it…”  But her guessing was cut off when Beetee stooped low and kissed her, underneath the trees.  Wiress closed her eyes and melted into his torso.  Beetee was hers.