"All was well." ~ "But there are much worse games to play"


Johanna, Finnick and Jennifer (Personal HC)

“Jennifer!  Quit mingling and hurry up!”  Finnick yelled.  Jennifer said goodbye to her friends and joined the sun-kissed man at the train.  It was a new year, a new Hunger Games, and Jennifer, Finnick, and a couple of other old victors were heading to the Capitol.  “So, Jen, who are you looking forward to seeing?”  Jennifer squinted at Finnick to see if he was joking.  His twitching mouth corners gave him away.  “Oh, Finnie.  Who do you think?”  At the same time, they replied, “Johanna.”  The train trundled on, and Finnick and Jennifer socialised.  They past District 2, and people started getting ready to get off.  When the train hissed to a stop, Finnick and Jennifer hopped off first.  “When do you think…” Finnick started to say, but his voice was cut off by a swarm of colourfully dressed girls, charging towards him.  “Uh-oh.  Um, Jen.  I have to go.  Hey, Valentina, you’re looking beautiful.”  And he was carried off in the crowd.  Jennifer sat down and waited for her friend.  Finally, the District 7 train pulled in.  Jennifer hopped up and went to wait at the door.  Finally, she spotted the spiky-haired head she was searching for.  “Jo! Johanna!” Johanna turned around and screamed.  “Jen!”  Jennifer ran to the strong woman and Johanna picked her up.  “Gahh! Put me down!”  Johanna laughed and said.  “Come on, let’s go get a room before the stylists turn me into an axe head or something.”  Jennifer’s smile faded, she had completely forgotten Johanna had been reaped.  Could this be the last year her, Finnick and Johanna had together.  She swallowed her feelings and followed her friend towards the city.